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"I'd been waiting years for a movie that didn't exist. Now it does, this is it"
Álex Gorina / Film essayist and film critic

"A work that begins as Becket and ends as Arrabal"
José Luis Guerín / Filmmaker

"A distinguished work, unique in his language and cinematic style. A masterpiece of 'movie on a movie' genre.It brings the cinema to its origin as a visual art and to its need to experiment, change and rebel against the tradition and the mundane."
Ossama Abdel Fattah / Director of El Cairo Critics Week Competition

"Dive into that creative act that is looking for answers (...) generating questions. From the absurd to the entelechy passing through the memory and hiding in the creation of images. When does the pact with the image end?"
Iván Cerdán Bermúdez / Dirigido Por

"Xavier Martínez Soler proposes from an artistic paradigm a free and experimental reflection around the cinematographic exercise and its circumstances"
Javier Rueda / Caiman Cuadernos de Cine

"A job and a film" is, more than a film, a Matryoshka doll inside a box with secret compartments placed on a Mobius strip."
Marla Jacarilla / Contrapicado

"...it offers us the opportunity to cleanse our gaze, to return, as far as possible, to that original stage in which the pioneers of this medium played with it, exploring the possibilities and limits it offered"
Monte Carlo / Innovación audiovisual

"...the film offers a challenge to the viewer, who must establish a close alliance with the proposal and accept their role as part involved in it in an indissociable way..."
Francesc Talavera / Fundido a Negro

"A very personal experiment for challenges lovers."
Santiago Alverú / Cinemanía


Invitation to the Film

A job and a film (2019) is a film directed by Xavier Martínez and produced by Aved Productions, Pablo Rosal and Esdeveniments Ludovit. It is a commitment to an extreme and free auteur cinema, an essay cinema, clearly aimed at the 21st century, the era when images prevail over any fact.

A large part of the cinematographic genres that emerged in the 20th century are invited and combined in an exercise of awareness on the visual. A film that, from its evident humility and honesty, wants to be an experience of aesthetic-auditive joy and a springboard for contemporary reflection.


In an abandoned warehouse only a presence remains alive: a security guard who was told to do his job and little else. His very existence is to observe the reality of the premises from imperturbable solitude and privacy. His quiet and contemplative nature puts him on the boundary of what is human.

This warehouse has been the destination of a film, a camera, the viewer's gaze.

The guard and the camera find themselves, the guard with the chance of making art, myth of his life, and the camera with a protagonist, something to shoot. Thus begins a symbiotic relationship in which one finds the possibilities of the other.

Inevitably this situation is prone to become a film, a fiction if you will, where the guard, absolute protagonist, will suffocate in his own story.

Film Materials

Official Photographs

The Spaces...

Film Frames

Each of the shots...


The Filming...

Press Materials


Pablo Rosal

The security guard

Rosa Serra i Torrens

The girl

Oriol Genís

The man

Maria Pau Pigem

The woman

Xavier Pujolràs

The killer and waiter

Marcel Ribera

The kid

Eva Coll

The nudity

Jose Luis Aguirre

The old security guard


a heartbeat of the film

Xavier Martínez

Director, Screenwriter and Film Editor

the other heartbeat

Pablo Rosal

Executive Producer and Screenwriter

the earthly enabler of an idea

Javier Rueda

Production Designer, Cinematography, Film Editing and Color Correction

the magic of sympathy

Karen Solé

Line Producer

the carer of the beauty

Miguel Granado

Art Director and Artist

the silent presence

Ángela Berruezo

Assistant Director

the subtle seriousness

Margherita Mantovani

Costume Designer

the unwavering enthusiasm

Gabriel H. Cohen

Live Sound and ADR

Silvia García Palacios

Executive Production Assistant

the solemn attention to reality

Guillem Aiats

Camera Assistant

the absolute availability

Carlos Hidalgo


the devoted keeper of passion

Esther Perea

Art and Production Assistant

Planeta Gus Fx

Special Make-up Effects Artist

Delia Maldonado

Make-up Artist

Jordi Rabascall

Sound Designer and Mixer/Foley Artist and ADR/ Additional Music

Paul Perera

Original Soundtrack

Miguel Peral

Drone Operator

Julio Moreno


Boris François


Jonathan Guillén

Digital FX Assistant

MuOM Ecstatic Voices

Collaborators and musical contribution

Escama Serrada is Sergio Méndez and Coàgul is Marc O'Callaghan

Coàgul & Escama Serrada

Collaborators and musical contribution

Rosa Serra

Production Assistant

Daniel Barceló

Production Assistant

Taray Cuartella

Production Assistant

Monica Amigó

Production Assistant

Helena Lobato

Production Assistant

Gerard Fossas

Production Assistant

Josep Izquierdo Moles

Production Assistant

Aniol Viciana

Sound Assistant

Luna Abuyeres Vigueras

Sound Assistant

Jan Ambrós Soler

Sound Assistant

Carol Spencer

Art Assistant

Laura Escacha

Art Assistant

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