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"I'd been waiting years for a movie that didn't exist. Now it does, this is it"
Álex Gorina / Film essayist and film critic

"A work that begins as Becket and ends as Arrabal"
José Luis Guerín / Filmmaker

"A distinguished work, unique in his language and cinematic style. A masterpiece of 'movie on a movie' genre.It brings the cinema to its origin as a visual art and to its need to experiment, change and rebel against the tradition and the mundane."
Ossama Abdel Fattah / Director of El Cairo Critics Week Competition

"Dive into that creative act that is looking for answers (...) generating questions. From the absurd to the entelechy passing through the memory and hiding in the creation of images. When does the pact with the image end?"
Iván Cerdán Bermúdez / Dirigido Por

"Xavier Martínez Soler proposes from an artistic paradigm a free and experimental reflection around the cinematographic exercise and its circumstances"
Javier Rueda / Caiman Cuadernos de Cine

"A job and a film" is, more than a film, a Matryoshka doll inside a box with secret compartments placed on a Mobius strip."
Marla Jacarilla / Contrapicado

" offers us the opportunity to cleanse our gaze, to return, as far as possible, to that original stage in which the pioneers of this medium played with it, exploring the possibilities and limits it offered"
Monte Carlo / Innovación audiovisual

"...the film offers a challenge to the viewer, who must establish a close alliance with the proposal and accept their role as part involved in it in an indissociable way..."
Francesc Talavera / Fundido a Negro

"A very personal experiment for challenges lovers."
Santiago Alverú / Cinemanía